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Fishing Reports 2012

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“ON THE HOOK” with Captain Glenn Hunter

There are Bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna every where, out wide and we are just the boats to go and catch them.

As proven over 40 years of charter fishing there are no better boats than BROADBILL or BILLFISHER to get the job done.

Capt.Rob Curry on his famous boat Marquis caught 3 massive blue-fin tuna last week up to 140kg.

So please give it a go whilst the weather is so good.

Agood catch of tuna on BROADBILL Johnny Boo and Chaffey with a couple of bluefin tuna
Two more all caught yesterday One of our Sydney winter yellowfin 230lb on 30lb caught in the mid eighties off Sydney
Two big bluefin tuna caught yesterday Johnny Boo and The Human Winch Anthony Chaffey. They had agreat day on Billfisher last week

Capt. Glenn Hunter has been catching some giant Bluefin tuna and Yellowfin as well.
It was Johny Boo and Anthony Chaff (aka The Human winch) who had a great day, catching some big Bluefin tuna.

We had a day yesterday, but managed some big albacore on Broadbill. Also the day prior we also caught a heap of albacore on Broadbill.

Capt’s Ross and Glenn Hunter’s boats are available for Bluefin and yellowfin charters on 0418 462 476

“ON THE HOOK” with Captain Glenn Hunter
8th May 2012

We are back in Sydney and have done several charters.
With Leila Rawlinson we caught some nice mahis and heaps of tuna.

The seas were perfect and we had a great day. Then we fished with locals John Pukler and caught some nice snapper, mowies and Jackets. We are back in Sydney and have done several charters.

The next trip we had Paul Saad and once again the big swells got to the guys and they suffered the dreaded “mal de mere” ( sea sickness) they were all avid St George supporters.

George's striped marlin jumps high Jim Humphries with his big red
Johnny Boo and The Human Winch Anthony Chaffey. They had agreat day on Billfisher last week Liela poses with her catch We had a great day with these guys
Liela Rawlinson catches a tuna That is a big mahi mahi
saturdays catch The young lad with a mahi mahi
These are our regular catches on Broadbill What a great weekend we had
What agreat day we had with Liela  

We caught heaps of bonito, the young ones were fine.
By and large we had a good day.

We have several charters booked in and are looking forward to them.
My boat is for sale I never thought that I would say that , but if someone offered me $280,000.00 It’s theirs.

I will miss her, but 25 years of charter fishing says that maybe I would like to retire. She has 2 brand new engines and runs extremely well.

Capt Ross and Glenn Hunter’s most respected boats are available for tuna and reef fishing on 0418 462 476



Having fished these amazing waters for over three decades I am convinced that this magnificently picturesque place is one of the most productive marlin fisheries in the world and for us lucky New South Welshman, it's right on our door step.

Imagine catches of 16,18 and 21 marlin in a day or 248 for a season that is world class by anyone's standards.

The average size of a Pt Stephens striped is around 80kg and these double figure, per day numbers are achieved by the charter fleet every season from January to late April.
Each summer season there are many charter boats that travel from as far as Cairns to the north and Batemans Bay to the south to join us locals at Pt Stephens.

These boats target the abundant stocks of blacks; blues (and the most predominant marlin) the striped on all types of tackle, be-it fly-fishing, spear fishing or conventional tackle.

However it is not just the brilliant marlin fishing, it is also the superb scenery of the place that I never get sick of looking at, it really is a breathtaking port to leave from and then come home to after a busy days fishing.

The entrance to the port is made up of Headlands and Islands that are remnants of an extinct volcano from a long forgotten dinosaur era.

The highest mountain to the south Tomaree forms an embattlement that protects the mariners from bad weather, making the port a most safe passage for our boats

To the north Yaccabah with its picturesque, almost vertical mountainous slopes and giant wind eroded gorges that the sea pounds into with great force, sending plumes of spray forever skyward.

A great black marlin on Broadbill photos by John Ashley A striped goes wild
chaff and the boys Captain Glenn Hunter
Emu releases another big striped BROADBILL with 21 marlin flags
George's striped marlin jumps high Hal with his snapper last season
Heading out of my favourite place in the world Pt Stephens. Pt Stephens. The shacks at Esmeralda Cove
Tess catches a great fish on Billfisher Kingys like this can be jigged off Pt Stephens on a regular basis
  These are our regular catches on Broadbill
That is a big mahi Check out the huge seas  

Always a most spectacular sight as we steam to the bait grounds at first light.
The colours of these beautiful steeped cliffs changes constantly with sunlight, depending on the light of the day.

Then there's Cabbage Tree Island with its western rain forest and gorges full of cabbage trees, home of the tiny Gould's Petrel and a resident family of white-bellied sea eagles.
To the south Little Island and Boondelbah Island they all form the breathtaking oceanic entrance to the Port.

If it is a fisherman's holiday you want and you also wouldn't mind coming back with "Your arms dangling like those of an ape from the stretching they'll get during your stay" then visit us at

Us Captains love the place, not just for its beauty in landscape but also for its camaraderie.
The charter industry works well in this Port, there is a lot of harmony between skippers and that always works well, no petty jealousies, just a bunch of likeminded skippers wanting to catch fish,
Many of us not seeing each other for most of the year then catching up for a couple of months doin' what we do best, catching marlin.

We have achieved seven grand slams IE. a blue, black and striped marlin in one day and I can assure you that there are not many ports that you can achieve this feat.

In the long run "Happy customers, smiles on dials …that’s what I'm talkin' about". And we get that from catching marlin and we work together to achieve that end result for our clients

I recall Jim Dalling calling me up and saying from his vantage point on the tower of "Reel Chase" "Come over here Roscoe there's a bunch of stripes on a bait ball'.

We caught several fish in a couple of hours, both of us going backwards chasing a hot fish, most of the time.

Over the years there have been many fishing milestones, Broadbill's twenty-one marlin in a day in February 2005.

A day when a bait ball was found with an estimated 80 striped marlin working it up all day.
All we had to do was to back up to it, throw two live baits in and immediately hook up a double on stripes.
There also has been many World and Australian records on all kinds of tackle all caught from this world-class fishery.

The area constantly produces record catches of stripes and juvenile black marlin (fish to 150kg) and some "honker" blue marlin up to 350kg
But there are other species that are targeted and they are mahis, yellowfin and cobia and they come in XXXOS size as well.

Pt. Stephens hosts the largest tournament in the Southern Hemisphere 'The NSW Interclub" 250 boats turn up and fill the port in February each year. To compete in this extremely well organised event.
Is a busy and most exciting affair.

If it is a fisherman's holiday you want and you also wouldn't mind coming back with "Your arms dangling like those of an ape from the stretching they'll get during your stay" then visit us at


We do have a couple of three day spots available for mid and late March..

Visit Fishing Adventure Packages for more details on costs etc.


It was Glenn Hunter on his famous boat BILLFISHER who, last Saturday caught a giant yellowfin tuna. He hooked the fish at 3.30pm and landed it at 9.30pm.
The massive fish weighed 104.3kg and was caught with local Gymea resident Peter Bruce.
The boys took it in turns over the five and half hour battle with three anglers doing their best. The big tuna nearly spooled the boys three times ( that’s taking all the line off the reel)
But after five and half hours the fish eventually came to the boat. So it’s sashimi all round for everyone.
It really was a magnificent effort by the whole team. The BILLFISHER did not get back until 11 pm that night.

ON BROADBILL we too have been catching some great snapper at “The Hump” off Stanwell Park. We really have been doing well with catches of big morwong, giant leather jackets, pig fish and last, but not least my favourite eating fish snapper. Some snapper have been up to 6kg , but we do not keep them as they are the breed stock and they are tough as old boots to eat, better let go to improve the stocks.

We have had several trips to Stanwell Tops and have not missed having good catches each time. Some of the crews have experienced some great snapper and misc. other reef species.
We did have a run there for awhile on the dreaded barracouta, but thank goodness they have gone as the waters have warmed up.

My son Glenn has excelled this season with great catches of tuna a season I am sure he will never forget. He has caught some giant tuna this season with The 105kg being the hi light of “The Season
Our snapper trips to Stanwell tops are worth $1400.00 for the day and that’s for six anglers
Tuna Trips cost $15550.00 (once again for six anglers)
Sydney Reef Trips..$1200.00 and in ever case that’s pretty much all day.

104.3kgs of pure power A giant fellowfin that took 5.5 hours to catch
A GREAT SHOT OF A STRIPED MARLIN Photo by J Ashley A great black marlin on Broadbill photos by John Ashley
BILLFISHER on a marlin Billfisher with a good yellowfin
BROADBILL with 21 marlin flags George's striped marlin jumps high
Georges Marlin Glenn Hunter's Billfisher. He tagged a lot of fish in 2005
Glenn poses with his giant yellowfin Hal with his snapper last season
Hal with his snapper last season Having fished Pt Stephens for 35years. I have fallen in love with the place, not just for its fishing but also its beauty
Mark holds up a couple of snapper Now that's anice red caught on a floater
One of the great days in my marlin career. It could not have done without a champion crewman saturdays catch
Tess catches a great fish on Billfisher That is a big mahi Check out the huge seas
The boys on amarlin at Pt Stephens They caught five that day  


We are taking bookings for Pt Stephens 2012 So get in early to get the best moons and the best times.
COSTS…………..$1900.00 / day and once again we are putting our anglers up at “The Salamander Shores Hotel” Costs $80.00 twin share / night.

Last year we had a great season. We released 140 marlin ( a mix of blacks stripes and blues) caught a few yellowfin tuna and dolphin fish to 25kg. We had great weather, pretty much all the time and by and large
And had a great season. To book Ring 02 9534 2378. In order to get the best spots

Captain Ross and Glenn Hunter’s most respected boats are available for tuna and snapper charters on 0418 462 476

“ON THE HOOK” with Captain Ross and Glenn Hunter mid July report

In between the blustery conditions of late, we have been able to get out occasionally.
Last Saturday on BROADBILL we attempted to fish the Stanwell Park area, but the 25 knot Sou’ Easter made it impossible to hold bottom.

We had a great local crew on board headed up by Chris Brook house, it took us two hours to smash our way down there only to turn around at 11 am and come home with our tails between our legs.
Sometimes even the most experienced make mistakes, and I have been an off- shore skipper for over 45 years, but the weather forecast was wrong, so I guess we had to cop it on the chin. It was not the first time we have got it wrong and will not be the last that’s for sure.

Frank and Chris We struggled a little for the big reds, but sometimes the smaller are the tastiest Justine and Ian with their catch.The snapper have been plentiful, but on the samll fish size, these however are the best to eat
Stuart Baileys crew. We ahd a beaut. day with these blokes Once again The Bailey Boys
We caught heaps with the lads We fished in blustery conditions last Sunday, but surprisingly had a good catch. Justine battled this Port Jackson shark for some time
We fished on Broady last Sunday and managed a reasonable catch in very windy conditions We had agreat days fishing at The Hump with Stuart Bailey and his crew, the young lad Cameron was a natural fisherman
We had agreat day in windy conditions We had a great team last Sunday at The Hump

The on the Sunday we had a great day, with locals Alex, Ian and Justine as well as Jeff Bond once again in very windy conditions, however by anchoring, here there and everywhere, we ended up with a great catch of snapper, morwong , flathead, pigfish and big jackets in the blustery conditions.

But is has been my son Glenn Hunter on his boat BILLFISHER who has been blitzing the yellowfin tuna every trip, he has caught great catches every time out.
And this week he is booked for five days so we wish him well.


A day to remember was when the Maroubra boys fished with him Johnny Boo and Anthony Chaffey aka “The Human Winch”. The lads caught five tuna to 40 kilos and had a great day. Johnny Boo and Chaff, have not stopped talking about their day .There was only two anglers, so it was a busy day all round for the boys
Another great day he had was with “The Boys From The Bush” They caught five yellowfin and heaps of albacore.
I did the second day for Glenn as he had a bad flue , but could only manage an albacore and a striped tuna. Somehow I did not have Glenn’s touch.

Another great day on BILLFISHER Johnny Boo and The Human Winch Anthony Chaffey. They had agreat day on Billfisher last week
Five very healthy yellowfin tuna Billfisher with a good yellowfin
Tess catches a great fish on Billfisher The boys from the bush had a great time on BILLFISHER
The Emu with Peter's big tuna  


We have had some fabulous trips to Stanwell Tops. Some really good crews and good catches of snapper, morwong, jackets, pig fish and flathead, the majority of the snapper have been around the 1.5 kg, but catches of 40 to 50 fish has been the norm.
We take up to 6 anglers on these trips and they are always great days enjoyed by the crews.
Costs $1400.00 for snapper at Stanwell (in each case we take 6 anglers) However on Billfisher. Glenn can take up to 7 anglers.

Yellowfin Tuna…$1550.00
Sydney trips $1200.00 reef

The Sydney trips have been most popular and even last Sunday in the strong westerly winds, we had a great catch.
Captain Ross and Glenn Hunter’s boats most popular and most respected boats are available for tuna snapper and local trips on 0418 462 476